by Barrowlands

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released 11 March 2014

Mixed and Mastered by Jason Walton at Earth in Sound
Recorded by Barrowlands
Album Art by Sam Ford

David Hollingsworth - Guitar & Vocals
Jacob Williams - Guitar
Joe Depaul - Bass
Martti Hill - Drums
Ray Lorenz - Cello



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feeds for this album, this artist
Track Name: Alabaster
Tower sculpted white stone
Watching the world crumble to dust

Sheltered behind stone walls of Alabaster
Station gained not by merit or right
Handed down by arbitrary nepotism
Power, strength virtues only of predators

Anonymous life
Losing all confidence
Desperation setting in
Seething beneath the shadow
Toiling in utter obscurity
Failing beneath the weight

Hollow shell of lies
Casting cold stares down

This world falling down
Entropy of privilege
Track Name: Peering Inward
Your spirit eternal
I lie down, beneath the sky
Beholding the night
Contemplate my loss
Ragged eyes searching for thee
Knowingly futile
Sundered life forever
I cannot withstand this
Ever more alone
Using your absence
Fade away
In grief
Crushing, weight
Trapping me
My own blame
Track Name: Mother of Storms
Despair descends upon landscapes
Deepening silence diminished return
Constant reflection in all surfaces
Boughs bend refuse to break
Fading life slowing until the thaw
Dig deep escape to earthen sanctuary
Nothing escapes the mother of storms
Leaving her tears upon the land
Snow, blind, affliction, demise
Track Name: 1107
Heed the call, to travel east, and rid the world, of sin
Gather banners, don thy steel, farewell to kin once more
Come together, under blessings, squire, knight, and lord
Undaunted men, intentions true, ride for Jerusalem
They set sail
To darkened shores
Conversion at
The point of sword
In the ash and blood
As lives are lost
Fought for the son
Such a great cost
They attacked at dawn
By dusk it’s done
The trade once more
City of blood
Track Name: On Bent Boughs
The forest dons armor falling snow on bent boughs
Pure silence un-witnessed by mankind evermore
Resplendent timeless majesty
Grandiosity unmatched eternal
Forsake the light of civilization
Life untouched
Boundless dais
For earth’s children
Resplendent timeless majesty
Grandiosity unmatched eternal
Remaining purity undiminished
Perfect unity of hunter and prey
Stalking the woodlands unhindered
Such is the natural order